Our History

Our passion to establish this organization roots back in 2007 when the founders Nambakire Catherine and the now late Edrisa Kisalita Muwanga (husband and wife) living in Kasoma Zone, Luweero West Parish, Luweero Town Council, Luweero District, Uganda East Africa gave birth to Nalunga Habiba (see picture on left side) and proved from professional doctors that she has sickle cells, in 2011 God gave them another trying moment when they gave birth to another child Lugolobi Badru (see picture on left side) also with Sickle cells.

They went into several challenges of treating the two children yet there was no steady income as a family. As their children were growing and started going to school they witnessed the mistreatment, stigma and abuse over them from their own families and spread across communities. They came to discover that the Children were seen as a curse due to their chronic sickness and many other children with sickle cells in Luweero District were abused of their rights like education, associating with family, visitors or even village children among others.

In 2014 Catherine, Edrisa and friends agreed to meet all parents and guardians with Sickle cells to encourage them to emulate the idea of uniting to advocate and support the Children with sickle Cells in Luweero district and Uganda at large under  Ourlady Sickle Cells Edu-care Warriors Initiative”. Parents began with the work of voluntary awareness of communities about sickle cells and supporting children with basic needs requirements. In 2017 members agreed to register the organization as  a Non Governmental Organization Reg. No: 80020000246912.

OSCEWI has helped to keep over 70 children from Sickle Cells affected families through education.


OurLady Sickle Cells Edu-care Worriors Initiative in its agenda seeks to advance the well- being, competence and integration of persons with Sickle cells into communities with a focus on self- independence to children with Sickle cells  and  empowerment  to  their  families.

Nambakire Catherine and the now late Edrisa Kisalita Muwanga founders OSCEWI had established a primary Education school in the names of Our Lady Parents School in 2008, with classes from Nursery level to primary seven. After the registration of Our Lady Sickle Cells Educare Worriors Initiative.

Mrs Catherine agreed with members of the Organisation that the School will work in partnership with the organisation to advance the program of inclusive education for children with Sickle cells and those who come from impoverished communities to enable them acquire a bright future and prevention of stigma through awareness raising to parents of the school.

Currently the school possess 587, with 50 pupils having sickle cells receiving free offer education and 537 other pupils making some payment to sustain the institutional programs and administration, but with plan to upgrade with vocational studies under this organization called. The Vocational School training will help a lot to instill self-employment skills to children with Sickle cells who cannot upgrade to Secondary education because of their health status.

Become A Volunteer

OSCEWI is doing whatever it takes to make sure children with sickle cells attain education. There are many ways you can volunteer to support our missions. From one-time opportunities to long term partnerships. Your involvement can start a ripple of change.

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