Empowerment and Capacity Building

Program Objectives

  1. Develop participation of persons with Sickle Cells in Micro Enterprise Development.
  2. Acquire skills of identification of potential Persons with Sickle cells and promote the potential to become entrepreneurs for family self-sustenance.
  3. Explore various learning mechanisms to set up Micro-Enterprises and update the methods of managing activities, develop tools and instruments for effective monitoring and evaluation of promoted entrepreneurs.
  4. To improve the Persons with Sickle cells, access to economic resources (e.g., access to credit and savings programs).
  5. To promote Persons with Sickle cells participation and leadership in decision making at all levels.
  6. Sustainable utilization of natural resources by adopting eco-friendly practices.
  7. Strengthening and promotion of entrepreneurship among women in craft making, farming and other income generating activities communities.
  8. Introduce participatory suitable micro-enterprises for persons with Sickle cells in rural areas related micro-enterprises.